death of camilla (liebig trading cards)
Camilla is killed by Arruns (Liebig trading card).

“Summe deum, sancti custos Soractis Apollo,
quem primi colimus, cui pineus ardor acervo
pascitur et medium freti pietate per ignem
cultores multa premimus vestigia pruna,
da, pater, hoc nostris aboleri dedecus armis,
omnipotens. non exuvias pulsaeve tropaeum
virginis aut spolia ulla peto: mihi cetera laudem
facta ferent; haec dira meo dum volnere pestis
pulsa cadat, patrias remeabo inglorius urbes.”
(Vergil, Aen. 11.785-793)

“Apollo, highest of gods, lord of holy Soracte!
We worship you first and foremost, honor your fires
stoked by cords of pine! And we your celebrants firm
in our faith, we plant our feet in your embers glowing hot!
Grant, Father, our shame be blotted out by our spears,
almighty God Apollo! I am not bent on plunder
stripped from a girl, no trophy over her corpse.
My other feats of arms will win me glory. If only
this murderous scourge drops dead beneath my strokes,
back I’ll go to my fathers’ towns – unsung!”
(tr. Robert Fagles)

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