Τὴν τρίβον ὃς παράγεις, ἂν πως τόδε σῆμα νοήσῃς,
μή, δέομαι, γελάσῃς, εἰ κυνός ἐστι τάφος·
ἐκλαύσθην· χεῖρες δὲ κόνιν συνέθηκαν ἄνακτος,
ὅς μου καὶ στήλῃ τόνδε ἐχάραξε λόγον.
(CIG 6310 = IG 14.2128)

You who go along this road, if you should notice this memorial, I beg you, do not laugh because this is a dog’s grave. I was lamented; the hands of my master heaped dust over me, and he inscribed these words into my gravestone. (tr. David Bauwens)