Africa Italiana inscriptie n. 295

Iovigena Liber Pater
votum quod destinaveram
Lari Severi patrio
Iovigenae solis mei
Pudens pater pro filio
ob tribunatus candidam
et ob praeturam proximam
tantamque in nos principum
conlatam indulgentiam
conpes votorum omnium
dentes duos Lucae bovis
Indorum tuorum dico.
(IRT 295)

(Statue of) Liber Pater, son of Jupiter, the offering which I had destined for the Lar of the home city of Severus, the son of Jupiter, who is my sun, my father Pudens (paid) on behalf of his son, on account of my candidature for the tribunate (at Rome) and my subsequent praetorship and the great indulgence which the two principes have conferred on us; as an offering which comprises all that I have vowed I dedicate two elephant tusks from your own Indian animals. (tr. IRT)