Ad utramlibet podagram torpedinem nigram vivam, quum accesserit dolor, subicere pedibus oportet, stantibus in litore non sicco, sed quod alluit mare, donec sentiat torpere pedem totum et tibiam usque ad genua. hoc et in praesenti tollit dolorem, et in futurum remediat.
(Scribonius Largus, Compositiones Medicae 162)

For any sort of podagra (foot gout), when the pain comes on, it is good to put a living black torpedo-fish under his feet standing on a beach, not dry but one on which the sea washes, until he feels that his whole foot and shank are numb up to the knees. This will both relieve the current pain and alleviate future recurrences. (tr. Jacopo Martellucci)