Ah nimium faciles aurem praebere puellae,
discite desertae non temere esse bonae!
huic quoque, qui restet, iam pridem quaeritur alter:
experta in primo, stulta cavere potes.
nos quocumque loco, nos omni tempore tecum
sive aegra pariter sive valente sumus.
(Propertius 2.21.15-20)

Ah, ye girls all to ready to lend an ear, learn from being abandoned not to be rashly kind! My girl too has now for days been looking for another lover who will stay: duped by the first one, silly woman, you had better watch out. As for me, at any time, in any place, alike in sickness and in health, my heart belongs to you. (tr. George Patrick Goold)


Charon (Litovshenko)
Aleksandr Litovchenko, Charon carrying souls across the river Styx (1861)

Nocte vagae ferimur, nox clausas liberat umbras,
errat et abiecta Cerberus ipse sera.
luce iubent leges Lethaea ad stagna reverti:
nos vehimur, vectum nauta recenset onus.
nunc te possideant aliae: mox sola tenebo:
mecum eris, et mixtis ossibus ossa teram.
(Propertius 4.7.89-94)

By night we drift abroad, night frees imprisoned shades, and even Cerberus casts aside his chains, and strays. At dawn the law compels us to return to Lethe’s waters: we board, the ferryman counts the cargo boarded. Other women may possess you now: soon I alone shall hold you: with me you will be, and my bones shall press yours in close entwining. (tr. G.P. Goold)