Beata nobis gaudia
anni reduxit orbita,
cum Spiritus paraclitus
illapsus est Apostolis.

ignis vibrante lumine
linguae figuram detulit,
verbis ut essent proflui,
et caritate fervidi.

linguis loquuntur omnium,
turbae pavent Gentilium:
musto madere deputant,
quos spiritus repleverat.

parata sunt haec mystice,
Paschae peracto tempore,
sacro dierum circulo,
quo lege fit remissio.

te nunc Deus piissime
vultu precamur cernuo,
illapsa nobis caelitus
largire dona Spiritus.

dudum sacrata pectora
tua replesti gratia:
dimitte nostra crimina,
et da quieta tempora.

(Hilary of Poitiers (?), Beata nobis gaudia 1-24)

The circle of the year has again brought back to us blessed joys, when the Spirit, the Comforter, came down upon the Apostles. The fire with tremulous flame assumed the shape of a tongue, that they might be eloquent in speech and fervent in charity. Speaking in the tongues of all, the multitudes of the Gentiles are amazed: they deemed as drunk with new wine, those whom the Holy Ghost had filled. These things were wrought mystically, when the Paschal time was completed, in the sacred circle of days in which by law remission occurred. With bowed heads, we now beseech Thee, most loving God, to bestow upon us the gifts of the Holy Ghost, which were sent down from heaven. Formerly Thou didst fill with Thy grace sacred breasts; pardon now our sins and grant us peaceful days. (tr. William John Blew)