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Ὦ παῖ τοξότα Κύπριδος λιγείης
Θεσπιαῖς Ἑλικωνίαισι ναίων
Ναρκισσοῦ παρὰ κῆπον ἀνθέοντα,
ἱλήκοις· τὲ δὲ τοι δίδωσι δέξε
ἀκροθείνιον Ἁδριανὸς ἄρκτου,
ἣν αὐτὸς κάνεν ἱππόθεν τυχήσας.
σὺ δ’ αὐτῷ χάριν ἀντὶ τοῦ σαόφρων
ποίεις Οὐρανίας ἀπ’ Ἀφροδίτης.
(Inscriptiones Graecae VII.1828 = Epigrammata Graeca 811 Kaibel)

O archer, you son of clear-voiced Kypris,
who dwell in Helikonian Thespiai,
beside the blooming garden of Narkissos,
be gracious; accept what is given you,
the best part of this bear, from Hadrian,
which he just killed from horseback.
And in exchange for this, you, being prudent,
breathe grace on him from Ouranian Aphrodite.
(tr. Lynn Kozak)