Οὕτω δὴ πρωιζὰ κατέδραθες, ὦ φίλε γαμβρέ;
ἦ ῥά τις ἐσσὶ λίαν βαρυγούνατος; ἦ ῥα φίλυπνος;
ἦ ῥα πολύν τιν’ ἔπινες, ὅκ’ εἰς εὐνὰν κατεβάλλευ;
εὕδειν μὰν σπεύδοντα καθ’ ὥραν αὐτὸν ἐχρῆν τυ,
παῖδα δ’ ἐᾶν σὺν παισὶ φιλοστόργῳ παρὰ ματρί
παίσδειν ἐς βαθὺν ὄρθρον, ἐπεὶ καὶ ἔνας καὶ ἐς ἀῶ
κἠς ἔτος ἐξ ἔτεος, Μενέλαε, τεὰ νυὸς ἅδε.
(Theocritus, Id. 18.9-15)

Have you fallen asleep so early, dear bridegroom? Are your limbs just too heavy? Is sleep what you desire? Or were you far gone in drink when you were put to bed? If you were keen to go to sleep early you should have slept alone and left the girl to play deep into the night with the other girls at her loving mother’s side, for she will be your bride the day after next and the day that dawns after that, and all the years to come.
(tr. Neil Hopkinson)

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