ηὔδα δὲ λυδίζουσα· “βασκ. . . κρολεα.”
πυγιστί· “τὸν πυγεῶνα παρ[
καί μοι τὸν ὄρχιν τῆς φαλ
κ]ράδηι συνηλοίησεν ὥσπ[ερ φαρμακῶι,
.].τοις διοζίοισιν ἐμπεδ[
καὶ δὴ δυοῖσιν ἐν πόνοισ[ι
ἥ τε κράδη με τοὐτέρωθ[εν
ἄνωθεν ἐμπίπτουσα, κ[
παραψιδάζων βολβίτωι [
ὦζεν δὲ λαύρη· κάνθαρο[ι δὲ ῥοιζέοντες
ἦλθον κατ’ ὀδμήν πλέονες ἤ πεντήκοντα·
τῶν οἱ μέν ἐμπίπτοντε[ς
κατέβαλον, οἱ δέ τοὺς ὀδ..[
οἱ δ’ ἐμπεσόντες τὰς θύρα[ς
τοῦ Πυγέλησι[. . . . .]. .[
. .]ρυσσον οἱα[. . . .]αροιμο[
. .]ω δ’ ἐς υμν[
(Hipponax, fr. 91)

She spoke in Lydian: Faskati krolel.
(speaking) Assian: “your ass…
and the balls of my (prick?)…
she whipped with a fig branch as [if for a scapegoat
securely with a forks (of wood?)
and in doubled pain
on the one side the fig branch (did something) to me, and from the other
falling from above,…
spattering with shit…
and the hole stank. Dung beetles buzzing
came to the smell, more than fifty.
Of them some falling in
attacked, and others the…
Those having fallen in the doors
of Ass-ville…
(3 lines too fragmentary to translate)
(tr. Kirk Ormand)