Uxor, vivamus quod viximus et teneamus
nomina quae primo sumpsimus in thalamo;
nec ferat ulla dies, ut commutemur in aevo,
quin tibi sim iuvenis tuque puella mihi.
Nestore sim quamvis provectior aemulaque annis
vincas Cumanam tu quoque Deiphoben,
nos ignoremus quid sit matura senectus.
scire aevi meritum, non numerare decet.
(Ausonius, Epigr. 20)

Ah wife, let us live as we have lived and keep
those names which we first took upon our bridal bed:
let no day ever work change on time
for I remain your lad and you my lass.
Though I be even more advanced in years than Nestor
and you surpass Deiphobe, the sibyl of Cumae,
let us ignore the frailties nature gives to age.
Better to know the worth of age and not its number.
(tr. James Wallace Binns)

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