Quas inter medias furvae caliginis umbram
dispulit inconsultus Amor stridentibus alis.
agnovere omnes puerum memorique recursu
communem sensere reum, quamquam umida circum
nubila et auratis fulgentia cingula bullis
et pharetram et rutilae fuscarent lampados ignem.
agnoscunt tamen et vanum vibrare vigorem
occipiunt hostemque unum loca non sua nanctum,
cum pigros ageret densa sub nocte volatus,
facta nube premunt: trepidantem et cassa parantem
suffugia in coetum mediae traxere catervae.
(Ausonius, Cupido Cruciatus 45-55)

Into the midst of these Love rashly broke scattering the darkness of that murky gloom with rustling wings. All recognized the boy, and as their
thoughts leapt back, they knew him for the one transgressor against them all, though the damp clouds obscured the sheen of his golden-studded
belt, his quiver, and the flame of his glowing torch. Yet they recognize him, and essay to wield their phantom strength against him, and upon their one
foe, now lighted on a realm not his own where he could ply his wings but feebly under the clogging weight of night, gathering in a throng they press:
him trembling and vainly seeking to escape, they dragged into the midst of the crowding band. (tr. Hugh G. Evelyn White)

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