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Ad convivium postmodum discumbentibus, et surgentibus completo ipso convivio, per quandam statuam, quae in scholis huiusmodi esse solet, descendit retrorsum ad modum canis mediocris gattus niger, retorta cauda; quem a posterioribus primo novitius, post magister, deinde singuli per ordinem osculantur, qui tamen digni sunt et perfecti. imperfecti vero, qui se dignos non reputant, pacem recipiunt a magistro, et tunc singulis per loca sua positis, dictisque quibusdam carminibus, ac versus gattum capitibus inclinatis, ‘parce nobis’ dicit magister, et proximo cuique hoc praecipit, respondente tertio ac dicente, ‘scimus, magister’; quartus ait: ‘et nos oboedire debemus’. et his ita peractis exstinguuntur candelae et proceditur ad fetidissimum opus luxuriae, nulla discretione habita inter extraneas et propinquas. quod si forte virilis sexus supersunt aliqui ultra numerum mulierum, traditi in passiones ignominiae, in desideriis suis invicem exardentes, masculi in masculos turpitudinem operantur, similiter et feminae immutant naturalem usum in eum, qui est contra naturam, hoc ipsum inter se damnabiliter facientes.
(Gregory IX, Vox in Rama)

Afterwards, they sit down to a meal and when they have arisen from it, from a kind of statue that is usually present in a sect of this kind, a black cat, the size of an average dog, descends backwards, with its tail erect. First the novice, next the master, then all those who are worthy and perfect, kiss the cat on its buttocks, each one waiting his turn. To those who have not yet reached perfection, however, and are considered undeserving, the master wishes peace. Then each returns to his place and they recite certain verse, their heads inclined toward to cat. “Forgive us!” then says the master, and the one next to him repeats this, and a third one says in reply: “We know, master!” A fourth says: “We too must obey.” When this has been done, they put out the candles, and turn to the practice of the most disgusting lechery. They make no distinction between strangers and family. And if by chance those of the male sex exceed the number of women, surrendering to their despicable passions, they satisfy their lust among themselves: men engage in depravity with men, and likewise women change their natural function to one that is against nature, and most offensively do these things to each other. (tr. Alex October1625, adapted by David Bauwens)

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