This is part 3 of 3. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.

Tentabo tamen et hunc Aristippum, virum
quem ab omnibus doctum audio probarier,
et philosophum et rhetora, pientis quoque animi, ut
sine verbere dialecticum atque rhetorem
eum faciat, is namque casus, tempora,
et alia Donati rudimenta (ut ferunt)
iamdudum ad unguem callet. ut si fata me e
medio ferant, habeat puer vitam suam
qui suave, molliter, et honeste transigat.
(Georgius Macropedius, Rebelles 101-109)

Even so, I am also going to try this Aristippus, a teacher praised by all for his skill in philosophy and rhetoric. And he is supposed to be a pious man as well, so that he may yet make a dialectician and rhetorician out of my boy without beating him to a pulp. They say he also knows the ins and outs of the cases and the tenses and all the other fundamentals of the Latin primer, as it is called. So that, if God forbid, I should die, the boy can fend for himself and build himself a life that is pleasant, comfortable and also respectable.

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