SAC. Confitemini Dolio quoniam bonum.
DIAC. quoniam in taberna misericordia eius.
SAC. confiteor Dolio, regi Baccho et omnibus schyphis eius a nobis acceptis, quia ego potator potavi nimis in stando, sedendo, videndo, vigilando, ludendo, et ad schyphum inclinando, vestimentaque mea perdendo: mea crapula, mea crapula, mea maxima crapula. ideo precor vos, solemnes potatores et manducatores, devote orare pro me.
DIAC. misereatur vestri ventripotens Bacchus.
SAC. et permittat te perdere omnia vestimenta et sensum, liberetque te ab oculis et dentibus tuis, et perducat te ad plenam tabernam.
DIAC. stramen.
SAC. adiutorium nostrum in nomine Dolii et Bacchi.
DIAC. qui fecit scyphum et tabernam.


SAC. lugeamus omnes in Dolio, diem maestum ululantes sub honore quadrato Decii, de cuius potatione gaudent miseri.


DIAC. beati qui habitant in domo Dolii: in pocula poculorum laudabunt te.
SAC. ploremus. ventripotens deus qui tres quadratos decios sexaginta tribus oculis miserabiliter illuminasti, concede propitius ut omnes qui vestimentorum suorum pondere pergravantur quadrati Decii iactatione liberentur, tu qui incessanter bibis et potas, per omnia pocula poculorum.
DIAC. stramen.


SAC. in diebus illis: dixit tabernarius ad potatores: “omnes sitientes venite ad tabernas, et qui non habetis argentum, properate et vendite vestimenta vestra, ac date tabernario et vos habebitis thesaurum in scyphis, nam qui perdit in taberna vestimenta sua, in somnis inveniet ea.”
DIAC. iactate cogitatum tuum in Decio et ipse te deducet ad Dolium. cum inebriter clamavi et potus exaudivit me. allernebria, allernebria.

(Confitemini Dolio, MS cgm. 4379, fols. 88r-90v. s. xvi., Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek)


PR. We confess to the Cask because he is good.
DEAC. Because his mercy is in the tavern.
PR. I confess to the Cask, to King Bacchus and to all his cups taken up by us, that I, a drinker, have drunk exceedingly while standing, sitting, watching, waking, gambling, and inclining toward the cup, and in losing my clothes, through my drunkenness, through my drunkenness, through my most extreme drunkenness. Therefore I beseech you, solemn drinkers and diners, to pray devotedly for me.
DEAC. May stomach-potent Bacchus have mercy on you.
PR. And allow thee to lose all thy clothes and thy sense, and free thee from thine eyes and teeth, and bring thee into the full tavern.
DEAC. Straw.
PR. Our help is in the name of the Cask and of Bacchus.
DEAC. Who made the goblet and the tavern.


PR. Let us all lament the Cask, bewailing a mournful day in foursquare honor of the Die, at whose drinking the wretched rejoice.


DEAC. Blessed are they who live in the house of the Cask: they shall praise thee, cups without end.
PR. Let us wail. Stomach-potent God who didst wondrously adorn three four-square dice with sixty-three spots, grant most favorably that all who are burdened by the weight of their clothes shall be set free by the tossing of the four-square Die, thou who drinkest and imbibest without ceasing, cups without end.
DEAC. Straw.


PR. In those days: The tavern keeper said to the drinkers: “All you that thirst, come to the tavern, and you that have no money, make haste and sell your clothes, and give to the tavern keeper, and you shall have treasure in the cups, for he that loses his clothes in the tavern shall keep them in his dreams.”
DEAC. Cast thy thought to the Die and he shall lead thee away to the Cask. When I called out drunkenly the drink also hath heard me. Halledrunken, Halledrunken.

(tr. Martha Bayless)

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