Te cordis ima concinant,
te vox canora concrepet,
te diligat castus amor,
te mens adoret sobria,

ut, cum profunda clauserit
diem caligo noctium,
fides tenebras nesciat
et nox fide reluceat.

dormire mentem ne sinas,
dormire culpa noverit;
castos fides refrigerans
somni vaporem temperet.

exuta sensu lubrico
te cordis alta somnient,
ne hostis invidi dolo
pavor quietos suscitet.

(Ambrose, Hymn. 2.13-28)

From our deep hearts we sing to thee,
Our blended voices hail thy name;
O holy Love, our lover be,
As we adore thee and proclaim.

When shadows round the world shall flow,
And heavy night shut out the day,
Lord, let our faith no darkness know,
But, shining, light us on our way.

Let not the mind in slothful ease
Leave aught of evil to remain;
Let faith drive forth all phantasies,
And every dream impure and vain.

Dispel all vices from the mind,
And be the soul’s one aim to thee,
That thus the tempter shall not find
Power to awake impurity.

(tr. Daniel Joseph Donahoe)

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