Tunc etiam iubeo totas aperire fenestras,
turpiaque admisso membra notare die.
at simul ad metas venit finita voluptas,
lassaque cum tota corpora mente iacent,
dum piget, et malis nullam tetigisse puellam,
tacturusque tibi non videare diu,
tunc animo signa, quaecumque in corpore menda est,
luminaque in vitiis illius usque tene.
forsitan haec aliquis (nam sunt quoque) parva vocabit,
sed, quae non prosunt singula, multa iuvant.
parva necat morsu spatiosum vipera taurum:
a cane non magno saepe tenetur aper.
(Ovid, Rem. Am. 411-422)

Then too order all the windows to be opened,
and note her worst features in broad daylight.
As soon as pleasure’s reached the finishing post,
and the spirit lies there exhausted, and the whole body,
while you’’re repenting, and you’’d rather never have touched
a girl, and you don’’t think you’’re going to touch one for years,
then impress your mind with whatever’’s wrong with her body,
and keep your eyes fixed all the time on those faults.
Perhaps someone might call these things trivial (as they are too),
but what has no benefit on its own, is useful in numbers.
And a little viper may kill a vast bull with its bite:
the boar is often gripped by a not very large hound.
(tr. Tony Kline)

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