Ergo ubi concubitus et opus iuvenale petetur,
et prope promissae tempora noctis erunt,
gaudia ne dominae, pleno si corpore sumes,
te capiant, ineas quamlibet ante velim;
quamlibet invenias, in qua tua prima voluptas
desinat: a prima proxima segnis erit.
sustentata venus gratissima; frigore soles,
sole iuvant umbrae, grata fit unda siti.
et pudet, et dicam: venerem quoque iunge figura,
qua minime iungi quamque decere putas.
nec labor efficere est: rarae sibi vera fatentur,
et nihil est, quod se dedecuisse putent.
(Ovid, Rem. Am. 399-410)

When you are called to taste the delights of love and youthful dalliance, when the night of promised bliss approaches, then, lest you should have too much joy of your mistress if you go to her with a full quiver, find another charmer with whom you may blunt the edge of your attack. The love that follows love is not so fierce. But sweeter than any is the love for which we have waited long. When it is cold, we love the sun; when hot, the shade. Water is pleasant to the parching tongue. I blush to say it, yet I will say it; when you’re about the act of love with your mistress, take her in the posture that becomes her least. That will be easily accomplished. Rare is the woman who tells herself the truth. They deem themselves beautiful in every aspect. (tr. James Lewis May)

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