Μόνον δὲ τοῦτο φασ’ ἁμιλλᾶσθαι βίῳ,
γνώμην δικαίαν κἀγαθὴν ὅτῳ παρῇ.
κακοὺς δὲ θνητῶν ἐξέφην’ ὅταν τύχῃ,
προθεὶς κάτοπτρον ὥστε παρθένῳ νέᾳ,
χρόνος· παρ’ οἷσι μήποτ’ ὀφθείην ἐγώ.


One thing only, they say, competes in value with life, the possession of a heart blameless and good. But as for the base among mortals, they are exposed, late or soon, by Time, who holds up to them, as to a young girl, a mirror. In their number may I never be found! (tr. David Kovacs)

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