ΧΟΡ. Πᾷ πᾷ
κεῖται ὁ δυστράπελος
δυσώνυμος Αἴας;
ΤΕΚ. οὔτοι θεατός· ἀλλά νιν περιπτυχεῖ
φάρει καλύψω τῷδε παμπήδην, ἐπεὶ
οὐδεὶς ἂν ὅστις καὶ φίλος τλαίη βλέπειν
φυσῶντ’ ἄνω πρὸς ῥῖνας ἔκ τε φοινίας
πληγῆς μελανθὲν αἷμ’ ἀπ’ οἰείας σφαγῆς.

(Sophocles, Ajax 913-919)


CHO. Where, where lies the unmanageable Ajax of ill-omened name?
TEC. He must not be looked upon! I shall cover him completely with this cloak folded about him, since none that was a friend could bear to look upon him spurting blood upwards to his nostrils, and the black gore from the deadly wound inflicted by self-slaughter.
(tr. Hugh Lloyd-Jones)

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