Notas habemus quisque corporis formas:
Phoebus comosus, Hercules lacertosus;
trahit figuram virginis tener Bacchus,
Minerva flavo lumine est, Venus paeto;
frontes caprinos Arcades vides Faunos;
habet decentes nuntius deum plantas;
tutela Lemni dispares movet gressus;
intonsa semper Aesculapio barba est;
nemo est feroci pectorosior Marte.
quod si quis inter haec locus mihi restat,
deus Priapo mentulatior non est!
(Priapea 36)

We all show special notes of bodily shape:
Long-haired is Phoebus, arm-strong Hercules,
And tender Bacchus owneth virginal form;
Pallas hath grey-blue eyes, Venus a cast;
Th’ Arcadian Fauns thou seest bloody-browed
And the Gods’ Messenger shows proper feet;
The Guard of Lemnos moves unequal steps;
Ever untrimmed is Aesculapius’ beard;
None hath a broader breast than bully Mars;
But, an Priapus’ rank ‘mid these remain,
There be no better-membered deity.
(tr. Leonard C. Smithers & Richard Burton)

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