Alfred SEIFERT Hypatia
Alfred Seifert, Hypatia (1901)

Τῇ φιλοσόφῳ Ὑπατίᾳ

Αὐτήν τέ σε καὶ διὰ σοῦ τοὺς μακαριωτάτους ἑταίρους ἀσπάζομαι, δέσποινα μακαρία. πάλαι μὲν ἂν ἐγκαλέσας ἐφ’ οἷς οὐκ ἀξιοῦμαι γραμμάτων, νῦν δὲ οἶδα παρεωραμένος ὑφ’ ἁπάντων ὑμῶν ἐφ’ οἷς ἀδικῶ μὲν οὐδέν, ἀτυχῶ δὲ πολλὰ καὶ ὅσα ἄνθρωπος ἀτυχῆσαι δύναται. ἀλλ’ εἴπερ εἶχον ἐντυγχάνειν ὑμετέραις ἐπιστολαῖς καὶ μανθάνειν ἐν οἷς διατρίβετε (πάντως δὲ ἐν ἀμείνοσίν ἐστε καὶ καλλίονος πειρᾶσθε τοῦ δαίμονος), ἐξ ἡμισείας ἄν ἔπραττον πονήρως ἐν ὑμῖν εὐτυχῶν. νῦν δὲ ἕν τι καὶ τοῦτο τῶν χαλεπῶν ἐστιν ἅ με κατείληφεν· ἀπεστέρημαι μετὰ τῶν παιδίων καὶ τῶν φίλων καὶ τῆς παρὰ πάντων εὐνοίας καί, τὸ μέγιστον, τῆς θειοτάτης σου ψυχῆς, ἣν ἐγὼ μόνην ἐμαυτῷ ἐμμένειν ἤλπισα κρείττω καὶ δαιμονίας ἐπηρείας καὶ τῶν ἐξ εἱμαρμένης ῥευμάτων.
(Synesius, Ep. 10)

To the Philosopher

I salute you, and I beg of you to salute your most happy comrades for me, august Mistress. I have long been reproaching you that I am not deemed worthy of a letter, but now I know that I am despised by all of you for no wrongdoing on my part, but because I am unfortunate in many things, in as many as a man can be. If I could only have had letters from you and learnt how you were all faring—I am sure you are happy and enjoying good fortune—I should have been relieved, in that case, of half of my own trouble, in rejoicing at your happiness. But now your silence has been added to the sum of my sorrows. I have lost my children, my friends, and the goodwill of everyone. The greatest loss of all, however, is the absence of your divine spirit. I had hoped that this would always remain to me, to conquer both the caprices of fortune and the evil turns of fate. (tr. Augustine FitzGerald)

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