Conchiclatus pullus vel porcellus

exossas pullum a pectore, femora eius iungis in porrectum, surculo alligas, et impensam [conchicla farsilis] paras. et farcies alternis pisam lotam, cerebella, lucanicas et cetera. teres <piper,> ligusticum, origanum et gingiber, liquamen suffundis, passo et vino temperabis. facies ut ferveat, et, cum ferbuerit, mittis modice. et impensam cum condieris, alternis in pullo componis, omento tegis et in operculo deponis et in furnum mittis, ut coquantur paulatim, et inferes.
(Apicius, De Re Coquinaria 5.4.6)

Stuffed chicken or suckling pig

Bone [either] chicken [or suckling pig]. From the chicken remove the breast bone and the [upper joint bones of the] legs; hold it together by means of wooden skewers, and meanwhile prepare [the following dressing in this manner]: alternate [inside of the chicken or pig] peas with the pods [washed and cooked], brains, Lucanian sausage, etc. Now crush pepper, lovage, origany and ginger, moistened with broth, raisin wine and wine to taste, make it boil, when done, use it moderately for seasoning and alternately with the other dressing; wrap [the chicken, or pig] in caul, place it in a baking dish and put it in the oven to be cooked slowly, and serve. (tr. Joseph Dommers Vehling)

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