Intuite dicta Salomonis, iudices omnes,
Vno verbo suo qualiter vos ille detractat:
Dona quam et xenia corrumpunt iudices omnes!”
Idem: “vos, inquit, datorem semper amatis;
Cum quaeritur, causa victoriam tollit iniqua.”
Innocens hic ego sum, nec vos incuso pusillus:
Blasphemium tollat Salomon, qui <clamat> aperte.
Vobis autem Deus est venter et praemia iura”:
Suggerit hoc Paulus apostolus, non ego pulix.
(Commodianus, Instructiones 31)

Mark the words of Solomon, all you judges; consider how with a single word he disparages you: “how do gifts and bribes corrupt all judges!” And he adds: “you always love those who bring presents!” When there is a trial, it’s the unjust cause that is victorious. I am innocent in this: it is not I, insignificant as I am, who condemn you. Let Solomon, whose voice is strong and clear, eradicate the blasphemy. “Your God is your belly and profits are your laws.” This is what Paul the apostle suggests, not I who am but a flea. (tr. David Bauwens)

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