Naenia decima. Mater blanditur catellae ac somnum invitat.

Ne latra, ne pelle bonum, bona Luscula, somnum;
et tibi iam somnus, Luscula, gratus erit.
ingredere, o bone somne; nihil bona Luscula latrat;
Luscula Luciolo, Luscula blanda tibi est;
innuit ipsa oculis tibi Luscula, Lucius ipse
innuit, et dicunt: ‘somnule lenis, ades.’
Luscula iam dormit, stertit quoque bella catella,
et sua Luciolo lumina fessa cadunt.
dormi, Luciole, Luci dilecte, quiesce;
en canit ad cunas garrula Lisa tibi.
‘mulcet languidulos, saturat quoque somnus ocellos;
somnus alit venas, corpora somnus alit
et sedat curas requiemque laboribus affert,
odit tristitiam, gaudia semper amat.
somne bone o cunctis, assis mihi, candide somne,
somne bone et pueris, somne bone et senibus,
ipse mihi tumidas satura, bone somne, mamillas,
ubera Luciolo quo mea plena fluant.’
sentit Luciolus dormitque et ridet et optat
et mammas digitis prensitat usque suis.
euge, puer, sitibunde puer, cape, lassule, somnos;
mox tibi iam vigili lacteus amnis erit.
(Giovanni Pontano, De amore coniugali 2.17)

Tenth lullaby. The mother soothes the pup and invites sleep.

Don’t bark, good Luscula, do not drive away good sleep.
To you too sleep will be a welcome thing.
Come, good sleep; good Luscula does not bark at all.
Luscula’s sweet to Lucio, sweet to you.
Luscula makes a sign for you with her eyes; with his,
Lucio makes a sign. They say: “Mild Sleep,
be here.” Now Luscula sleeps; the fine pup’s snoring too;
Lucietto’s tired eyes flutter closed. Sleep, rest,
Lucietto, darling Lucio; see, Lisa sings,
murmuring to you by your cradle’s side.
“Sleep is caressing, filling up little drooping eyes.
Sleep nourishes the body and its veins,
it pacifies anxieties, brings rest to toils;
hates melancholy, always loves delights.
O Sleep, come to my aid, Sleep good for all, fair Sleep,
Sleep good for boys, and Sleep good for old men;
fill up my swelling breasts, good Sleep, so they may flow
abundantly with milk for Lucio.”
Lucietto senses it in his sleep, he smiles and yearns for them,
his fingers constantly try to seize the breasts.
Bravo! my ever-thirsty, my sleepy boy; sleep now;
soon, when you wake, you will have streams of milk.
(tr. Luke Roman)

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