[DEM.] Nostrapte culpa facinus ut malis expediat esse,
dum nimium dici nos bonos studemus et benignos.
ita fugias ne praeter casam, quod aiunt. nonne id sat erat
accipere ab illo iniuriam? etiam argentumst ultro obiectum,
ut sit qui vivat dum aliud aliquid flagiti conficiat.
[GET.] planissume.
[DEM.] eis nunc praemiumst qui recta prava faciunt.
[GET.] verissume.
[DEM.] ut stultissume quidem illi rem gesserimus.
(Terence, Phormio 766-772)


[DEM.] We’ve only ourselves to blame if dishonesty pays, while we’re so keen to maintain a reputation for honesty and kindness. When on the run, make for home, as the saying goes. Wasn’t it enough for us to be tricked by this fellow, without throwing him money as well to live on until his next outrageous scheme?
[GET.] Undoubtedly.
[DEM.] These days the prize goes to those who turn right into wrong.
[GET.] Exactly.
[DEM.] We’ve been absolute fools in the way we’ve handled this business.
(tr. John Barsby)

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