Evelyn de Morgan, Medea, 1889
Evelyn de Morgan, Medea (1889)

Utinam ne in nemore Pelio securibus
caesa accidisset abiegna ad terram trabes,
neve inde navis inchoandi exordium
coepisset, quae nunc nominatur nomine
Argo, quia Argivi in ea delecti viri
vecti petebant pellem inauratam arietis
Colchis imperio regis Peliae per dolum:
nam numquam era errans mea domo efferret pedem
Medea, animo aegro, amore saevo saucia.
(Ennius, Med. fr. 89)

If only the firwood timber had not fallen
to the ground in the Pelian grove, hewn by axes,
and if only the ship had not taken from there the first steps to a beginning
—the ship that is now known by the name of
Argo, since selected Argive men traveling in her
sought the Golden Fleece of the ram
from the Colchians, at the behest of king Pelias, by trickery.
For never would my mistress, Medea, going astray, set her foot outside the house,
sick in her mind, wounded by savage love.
(tr. Sander M. Goldberg & Gesine Manuwald)

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