Domino meo.
annum novum faustum tibi et ad omnia, quae recte cupis, prosperum cum tibi tum domino nostro patri tuo et matri et uxori et filiae ceterisque omnibus quos merito diligis, precor. metui ego invalido adhuc corpore turbae et impressioni me committere. si dei iuvabunt, perendie vos vota nuncupantis videbo.
vale, mi domine dulcissime. dominam saluta.
(Fronto, Ep. ad M. Caesarem 5.45)

A happy New Year and a prosperous in all things that you rightly desire to you and our Lord your Father and your mother and your wife and daughter, and to all others who deservedly share your affection—that is my prayer! In my still feeble state of health I was afraid to trust myself to the crowd and crush. I shall see you, please God, the day after to-morrow offering up your vows. Farewell, my most sweet Lord. Greet my Lady. (tr. Charles Reginald Haines)


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