Mala soluta navis exit alite,
ferens olentem Mevium;
ut horridis utrumque verberes latus,
Auster, memento fluctibus;
niger rudentes Eurus inverso mari
fractosque remos differat;
insurgat Aquilo, quantus altis montibus
frangit trementes ilices;
nec sidus atra nocte amicum appareat,
qua tristis Orion cadit;
quietiore nec feratur aequore
quam Graia victorum manus,
cum Pallas usto vertit iram ab Ilio
in impiam Aiacis ratem!
o quantus instat navitis sudor tuis
tibique pallor luteus
et illa non virilis eiulatio
preces et aversum ad Iovem,
Ionius udo cum remugiens sinus
Noto carinam ruperit!
Opima quodsi praeda curvo litore
porrecta mergos iuverit,
libidinosus immolabitur caper
et agna Tempestatibus.
(Horace, Epod. 10)

The ship carrying stinking Mevius has cast off, and sails away under an evil omen. Be sure, South Wind, to buffet it on both sides with rough waves; let the black East Wind churn up the sea, smashing and scattering its ropes and oars; let the North Wind rise as high as when on the lofty mountains it shakes and shatters the holm oaks. Let no friendly star appear on that dark night when grim Orion sets, and may the ship be borne along on no calmer sea than was the band of victorious Greeks when Pallas turned her wrath away fro the smoking ruins of Troy to the impious craft of Ajax. O what sweat awaits your crew, while you yourself will turn a pallid yellow and start to scream in that unmanly way, praying to Jove who has turned his back on you, when the Ionian gulf, bellowing in reply to the drenching wind from the South, breaks the hull apart! If, then, a fat carcase, sprawled on the curving shore, gives pleasure to the gulls, a lecherous goat and a lamb will be slain as a thank offering to the storm gods. (tr. Niall Rudd)

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