This is part 3 of 3. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.

Nil equidem inquiram, nec quae celare parabis
insequar, et falli muneris instar erit.
si tamen in media deprensa tenebere culpa,
et fuerint oculis probra videnda meis,
quae bene visa mihi fuerint, bene visa negato —
concedent verbis lumina nostra tuis.
prona tibi vinci cupientem vincere palma est,
sit modo ‘non feci!’ dicere lingua memor.
cum tibi contingat verbis superare duobus,
etsi non causa, iudice vince tuo!
(Ovid, Am. 3.14.41-50)

For my part I’’ll not enquire, not seek to know what you hide, and treat deception as a gift. But if I catch you in the guilty act, and your shame’’s visible to my eyes, deny I’’ve really seen what I’’ve really seen.– I’’ll accept your words and not my sight. It’’s easy for you to win the palm if I want to be beaten, just remember to say the words: ‘’I didn’’t!’’ While you succeed in winning with those two words, though you’’ve no case, you’’ll conquer the judge too! (tr. Tony Kline)

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