Contra talpas prodest cattos frequenter habere in mediis carduetis. mustelas habent plerique mansuetas. aliqui foramina earum rubrica et suco agrestis cucumeris impleverunt. nonnulli iuxta cubilia talparum plures cavernas aperiunt, ut illae territae fugiant solis admissu. plerique laqueos in aditu earum setis pendentibus ponunt.
(Palladius, Opus Agriculturae 4.9.4)

It is of service against moles, to have cats in the middle of the plantation. Many have tame weasels. Some fill the holes with ruddle and the juice of the wild cucumber. Some lay open their haunts in many places, that they may take to flight, being terrified by the introduction of light. Many place traps for them, set with coarse hair. (tr. T. Owen)

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