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Masculinus animus est vehemens, ad impetum facilis, odii immemor, liberalis, apertus, qui hebetari et circumveniri ingenio atque arte non possit, vincendi per virtutem studiosus, magnanimus. feminus animus est sollers, ad iracundiam pronus, tenax odii, idem immisericors atque invidus, laboris impatiens, docilis, subdolus, amarus, praeceps, timidus.
(Anonymous, De Physiognomonia 4)

The masculine character is forceful, impetuous, forgetful of hatred, generous, open, unable to be blunted and outmanoeuvred by guile or artifice, preferring to overcome through manliness, and is magnanimous. The feminine character is clever, prone to anger, clings to hatred, also pitiless and envious, not enduring hard work, teachable, deceitful, bitter, rash and timid. (tr. Ian Repath)

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