Royal 19.A.ix,  f. 4. detail

Vos etiam, quos nulla mihi cognatio iunxit,
sed fama et carae religio patriae
et studium in libris et sedula cura docendi,
commemorabo viros morte obita celebres.
fors erit ut nostros manes sic asserat olim
exemplo cupiet qui pius esse meo.
(Ausonius, Commemoratio Professorum Burdigalensium: Praefatio)

Your memories, too, I will recall as famous men now dead, whom no kinship linked with me, but renown, and the love of our dear country, and zeal of learning, and the industrious toil of teaching. Perchance one day another in the same way may make my shade his theme, and after my example will seek to do a pious deed. (tr. Hugh G. Evelyn White)

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