Ἁ Κύπρις θήλεια γυναικομανῆ φλόγα βάλλει,
ἄρσενα δ’ αὐτὸς Ἔρως ἵμερον ἁνιοχεῖ.
ποῖ ῥέψω; ποτὶ παῖδ’ ἢ ματέρα; φαμὶ δὲ καὐτὰν
Κύπριν ἐρεῖν· “νικᾷ τὸ θρασὺ παιδάριον.”
(Meleager, Anth. Gr. 12.86)

Lady Venus generates our lust
for females; Cupid pricks desire for males.
Which shall I turn to? Even Venus must
admit her cheeky little brat prevails.
(tr. Daryl Hine)

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