…quis miratur flere hominem? hinc infantia incipit, in hanc necessitatem plerumque Fortuna deducit. quis enim est dies qui non triste aliquid et flebile nobis minetur? si nullam aliam rationem lacrimarum haberemus, conspectus tamen hominum et ratio mortalitatis poterat elicere fletus. hae amicitiae, hae propinquitates, hi congressus, haec studia laudesque intra breve temporis momentum occident atque labentur. quotus quisque transit dies quo non funus aspiciamus?
(Pseudo-Quintilian, Decl. 316.8-9)

…meanwhile, who wonders that a human being weeps? Infancy starts from that, Fortune mostly leads into this compulsion. For what day but threatens us with something sad and lamentable? If we had no other reason for tears, the survey of mankind and the consideration of mortality could elicit weeping. These friendships, these family bonds, these gatherings, these studies and achievements will die and slip away in a brief moment of time. How few days pass in which we do not see a funeral? (tr. David Roy Shackleton Bailey)

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