Parvulus crescit, et occulto aevo in perfectam adolescit aetatem: suum manus habent augmentum, sua pedes sentiunt incrementa: venter, dum nescimus, impletur, humeri, dum falluntur oculi, dilatantur, et omnia membra per partes iuxta mensuram suam sic crescunt, ut tamen non sibi sed corpori videantur augeri. ita igitur et in restitutione omnium, quando corpus totius Ecclesiae nunc dispersum atque laceratum, verus medicus Iesus Christus, sanaturus advenerit, unusquisque secundum mensuram fidei et agnitionem Filii Dei (quem ideo agnoscere dicitur, quia prius noverat, et postea nosse desivit) suum recipiet locum, et incipiet id esse quod fuerat: ita tamen ut non iuxta aliam haeresim omnes in una aetate sint positi, id est, omnes in Angelos reformentur: sed unumquodque membrum iuxta mensuram suam et officium pefectum sit. verbi gratia, ut Angelus refuga id esse incipiat quod creatus est: et homo qui de paradiso fuerat eiectus, ad culturam iterum paradisi restituatur.
(Rufinus, Apologia in sanctum Hieronymum 1.42)

A child is growing up; moment by moment, though the process is hidden from us, he is tending to perfect maturity. His hands enlarge, his feet undergo a proportional increase; the belly, though we cannot see it, is filled, the shoulders widen unmarked by the eyes, and all the members in each part grow according to their measure, but in such a way that they evidently increase not for themselves but for the body. So will it be in the time of the restitution of all things, when the true physician Jesus Christ, shall come to restore to health the whole body of the church which is now dispersed and torn. Every one, according to the measure of his faith and his recognition of the Son of God (it is called recognition because he first knew him and afterwards ceased from knowing him), will receive his proper place, and will begin to be what he once had been: not that, according to another opinion which is a heresy, all will be placed in one condition, that is, all restored to the condition of Angels, but that every member will be perfected according to its measure and office: for instance, that the apostate angel will begin to be that which he was originally made, and man who had been cast out of the garden of Eden will be brought back to cultivate the garden again. (tr. William Henry Fremantle)

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