V(ixit) an(nos) LII
d(is) M(anibus) Ti(beri) Claudi Secundi
hic secum habet omnia
balnea vina Venus
corrumpunt corpora
nostra set vitam faciunt b(alnea) v(ina) V(enus)
karo contubernal(i) fec(it)
Merope Caes(aris) et sibi
et suis p(osterisque) e(orum)
(CIL VI.15258)

He lived 52 years. To the spirits of the departed Tiberius Claudius Secundus. Here he has everything with him. Baths, wine and Venus [i.e. sex or love] corrupt our bodies, but they make life – baths, wine and Venus. Merope, freedwoman of Caesar made this for her dear companion, herself and their family and their descendants. (tr. Valerie Hope)


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