Igneus aetherias iam sol penetrarat in arces
candidaque aurato quatiebat lumina curru,
crinibus et roseis tenebras Aurora fugarat:
propulit e stabulis ad pabula laeta capellas
pastor et excelsi montis iuga summa petivit,
rorida qua patulos velabant gramina colles.
iam silvis dumisque vagae, iam vallibus abdunt
corpora, iamque omni celeres e parte vagantes
tondebant tenero viridantia gramina morsu.
scrupea desertis errabant ad cava ripis,
pendula proiectis carpuntur et arbuta ramis
densaque virgultis avide labrusca petuntur.
haec suspensa rapit carpente cacumina morsu
vel salicis lentae vel quae nova nascitur alnus,
haec teneras fruticum sentis rimatur, at illa
imminet in rivi, praestantis imaginis, undam.
(Pseudo-Vergil, Culex 42-57)

The fiery sun had now penetrated into the heights of the upper sky, and from gilded car was scattering his brilliant rays, and Dawn with roseate locks had routed darkness, when a shepherd drove forth his goats to the happy pastures, and sought a mountain’s highest ridges, where dewy grasses clothed the widespread slopes. As they roam, they hide themselves now in the woods and thickets, now in the valleys, and now, wandering swiftly to and fro, they cropped the rich grasses with nibbling bite. Leaving the banks, they strayed toward rocky hollows, the overhanging arbutes are shorn of their outstretched branches, and the wild vines’ thick shoots are eagerly assailed. One, poised aloft, snatches with eager bite the tips, it may be of the pliant willow, or of fresh growing alder; this gropes amid the thickets’ tender briars, while that hangs over the water of the stream, its wondrous mirror. (tr. Henry Rushton Fairclough, revised by George Patrick Goold)

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