Respice sanctum virum Pammachium, et ferventissimae fidei Paulinum Presbyterum, qui non solum divitias, sed se ipsos Domino obtulerunt. qui contra diaboli tergiversationem, nequaquam pellem pro pelle, sed carnes, et ossa, et animas suas Domino consecrarunt. qui te et exemplo, et eloquio, id est, et opere, et lingua possunt ad maiora perducere. nobilis es, et illi, sed in Christo nobiliores.
(Jerome, Ep. 118.5)

Look at Pammachius and at Paulinus that presbyter of glowing faith both of whom have offered to the Lord not only their riches but themselves. In spite of the devil and his shuffling they have by no means given skin for skin, but have consecrated their own flesh and bones, yea and their very souls unto the Lord. Surely these may lead you to higher things both by their example and by their preaching, that is, by their deeds and words. You are of noble birth, so are they: but in Christ they are made nobler still. (tr. William Henry Fremantle)

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