Nos adhuc iter per Graeciam summa cum admiratione fecimus, nec mehercule habeo, quod adhuc quem accusem meorum. videntur mihi nosse nostram causam et condicionem profectionis suae; plane serviunt existimationi meae. quod superest, si verum illud est, ‘οἵαπερ ἡ δέσποινα…’, certe permanebunt; nihil enim a me fieri ita videbunt, ut sibi sit delinquendi locus. sin id parum profuerit, fiet aliquid a nobis severius.
(Cicero, Ep. ad Att. 104(=5.11).5)

So far my journey through Greece has been the admiration of the country, and I must say that I have no complaint to make so far of any of my party. I think they know my position and the understanding on which they come. They are really jealous for my good name. As for the future, if there is anything in the old saying ‘like master…’, they will certainly keep it up, for they will see nothing in my behaviour to give them any pretext for delinquency. Should that not answer however, I am prepared for sterner measures. (tr. David Roy Shackleton Bailey)

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