Non enim comitiis iudicat semper populus, sed movetur plerumque gratia; cedit precibus; facit eos, a quibus est maxime ambitus. denique, etiam si iudicat, non dilectu aliquo aut sapientia ducitur ad iudicandum, sed impetu nonnumquam, et quadam etiam temeritate. non est enim consilium in vulgo, non ratio, non discrimen, non diligentia: semperque sapientes ea, quae populus fecisset, ferenda, non semper laudanda duxerunt.
(Cicero, Pro Plancio 9)

Deliberate verdicts are not invariably arrived at in popular elections, which are often guided by partiality and swayed by prayers; the people promotes those who court it most assiduously; and even if after all it does give a deliberate verdict, that verdict is determined, not by a discriminating wisdom, but frequently by impulse and a spirit of headstrong caprice. For the multitude is a stranger to deliberation, to reason, to discernment, and to patient scrutiny; and all great thinkers have held that acquiescence, but not alway approval, should be accorded to the acts of the people. (tr. Nevile Hunter Watts)

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