Cinderella (1950)

Aut si evenerit, ut de secundo marito habeas filios, domestica pugna, intestinum proelium. non licebit tibi amare liberos nec aequis aspicere oculis, quos genuisti. clam porriges cibos, invidebit mortuo, et nisi oderis filios, adhuc eorum amare videberis patrem. quodsi de priore uxore habens sobolem te domum introduxerit, etiam si clementissima fueris, omnes comoediae et mimographi et communes rhetorum loci in novercam saevissimam declamabunt. si privignus languerit et condoluerit caput, infamaberis ut venefica. si non dederis cibos, crudelis, si dederis, malefica diceris.
(Jerome, Ep. 54.15)

Or if it should happen that you have sons by your second husband, domestic warfare and intestine feuds will be the result. You will not be allowed to love your own children, or to look kindly on those to whom you gave birth. You will hand them their food secretly; for he will be jealous of your dead husband, and unless you hate your sons he will think you still in love with their father. If he, for his part, has issue by a former wife, when he brings you into his house, then, even though you have a heart of gold, you will be the cruel stepmother, against whom every comedy, every mime-writer, and every dealer in rhetorical commonplaces raises his voice. If your stepson falls sick or has a headache, you will be maligned as a poisoner. If you refuse him food, you will be cruel; if you give it, you will be said to have bewitched him. (tr. Frederick Adam Wright)

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