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Vestis non tota Amazonum corpori obducitur; nam laeva pars ad pectus est nuda, cetera deinde velantur. nec tamen sinus vestis, quem nodo colligunt, infra genua descendit. Altera papilla intacta servatur qua muliebris sexus liberos alant; aduritur dextera, ut arcus facilius intendant et tela vibrent.
(Quintus Curius, Historiae Alexandri Magni 6.28)

The clothing of the Amazons does not wholly cover the body; for the left side is nude as far as the breast, then the other parts of the body are veiled. However, the fold of the robe, which they gather in a knot, does not reach below the knee. One nipple is left untouched, and with it they nourish their female children*; the right is seared, in order that they may more easily stretch their bows and hurl their spears.

* The males were given to the fathers to rear.

(tr. John Carew Rolfe, with his note)

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