The flagellation of Saint Eulalia of Barcelona

Quaeritis, o miseranda manus,
Christicolum genus? en ego sum
daemonicis inimica sacris,
idola protero sub pedibus,
pectore et ore Deum fateor.

Isis, Apollo, Venus nihil est,
Maximianus et ipse nihil:
illa nihil, quia facta manu,
hic manuum quia facta colit,
frivola utraque et utraque nihil.

(Prudentius, Peristephanon 3.71-80)

Seek ye, O pitiable company, the people who worship Christ? Here am I, a foe to the worship of evil spirits; I trample idols under foot, and with heart and lips I confess God. Isis, Apollo, Venus – they are naught; Maximian* himself too is naught; they because they are works of men’s hands, he because he worships the works of men’s hands, both worthless, both naught.

* Colleague of Diocletian as emperor from 286 to 305. Spain was under his charge.

(tr. Henry John Thomson, with his note)

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