Num Veneris magnae violavi numina verbo,
et mea nunc poenas impia lingua luit?
num feror incestus sedes adiisse deorum
sertaque de sanctis deripuisse focis?
non ego, si merui, dubitem procumbere templis
et dare sacratis oscula liminibus,
non ego tellurem genibus perrepere supplex
et miserum sancto tundere poste caput.
(Tibullus 1.2.79-86)

Have I wronged the divinity of mighty Venus with words,
and does my impious tongue now pay the penalty?
Can they say now I’ve sinfully entered the divine sanctuary
and snatched the garland from the holy altar?
I won’t hesitate, if I’m guilty, to kneel in her temple,
and grant her kisses on her sacred threshold,
to crawl on my knees, a suppliant, over the ground
and beat my wretched head against the sacred door.
(tr. Tony Kline)

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