Eo anno caelum ardere visum, terra ingenti concussa motu est. bovem locutam, cui rei priore anno fides non fuerat, creditum. inter alia prodigia et carne pluit, quem imbrem ingens numerus avium intervolitando rapuisse fertur; quod intercidit, sparsum ita iacuisse per aliquot dies, ut nihil odor mutaret.
(Livy 3.10.6)

This year* the heavens were seen to blaze, and the earth was shaken with a prodigious quake. That a cow had spoken – a thing which had found no credence the year before – was now believed. Among other portents there was even a rain of flesh, which is said to have been intercepted by vast numbers of birds flying round in the midst of it; what fell to the ground lay scattered about for several days, but without making any stench.

*462 BC.

(tr. Benjamin Oliver Foster)

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