LACH.    Pro deum atque hominum fidem, quod hoc genus est, quae haec est coniuratio!
utin omnes mulieres eadem aeque studeant nolintque omnia
neque declinatam quicquam ab aliarum ingenio ullam reperias!
itaque adeo uno animo omnes socrus oderunt nurus.
viris esse advorsas aeque studiumst, similis pertinaciast,
in eodemque omnes mihi videntur ludo doctae ad malitiam. et
ei ludo, si ullus est, magistram hanc esse satis certo scio.
(Terence, Hecyra 198-204)

LACH.  In the name of gods and men, what a breed they are, what a gang of conspirators! All women have identical likes and dislikes about everything! You can’t find a single one whose character differs in any respect from the others! In particular, all mothers-in-law with one accord hate their daughters-in-law; and they’re all just as keen to oppose their husbands and just as determined. I reckon that they’ve all been schooled to wickedness in the same school, and I’m quite sure that, if there is such a school, (pointing to Sostrata) she’s the headmistress. (tr. John Barsby)

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